Atelier MAISON de SAVE is located 10 rue de Save 32200 L'Isle-Jourdain, Gers, France.
My e-mail adress: didier.villanueva@gmail.com

Series "Il ├ętait une fois dans le Gers" and "Naturaliste" are available on-line

Boutique MAISON de SAVE


"Imagier" stems from imagination.
Imagination starts for me with a drawing: a distortion of a reality filtered through the eyes, the brain and the hands.
Ink, acrylic, photos: I mix all these techniques to visualise my images.
I have been drawing, painting from a very young age. For a living, I worked as an executive in Europe, Asia and India,..., until I decided to dedicate all my awake time to my passion and to set up my own gallery and atelier @ MAISON de SAVE.

L'Atelier Maison de Save

Where I design high quality post cards and prints in different sizes from A2 (60 x 40 cm) to A6.
Lamps and photophores are also hand-made at the Atelier.