Didier Villanueva

Welcome to my on-line gallery. You will find here a selection of drawings, paintings, photos and designs.

Always on the look-out for new things to draw, paint, design.

All starts with a drawing. Drawing is a deformation of the reality, a reality filtered through the eyes, the brain and the hands. To me drawing is first and foremost a tool to grasp better the essence of the places where I am living in.

Here is a link to contact me via my e-mail address didier.villanueva@gmail.com

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A view from Le Gers France

This is the place where I have settled. Neither the infinity of the ocean nor the abyss of the mountains: just mild ondulations, with the color of the fields reflected on the cloud's shades or vice versa.

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My atelier

I paint with acrylics, often on dark board: I can see better the colors and the light. And I mix drawings and paintings whith digital arts. This is also the place where I develop the giclees for Maison de Save and the wooden frames for the tableaux as well as the carcasses for the lamps.

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At Maison de Save

The place at L'Isle-jourdain (Gers France) where I finalize the artwork before they enter the store.

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